1. General Julian history tour.
Tours begin at the Bailey family plot in the Julian Cemetery. There you will learn about the discovery of gold and the settling of the town of Julian. You will learn about the cemetery and the first burial there. The tour will then proceed, west to east, through the town site. Along the way, you will learn about the historic buildings and how the character of the town has changed through the decades. As always, questions and discussions about Julian are at the heart of any good tour. Learning is a two way street and I welcome the chance to see Julian from a fresh perspective.

2. Julian Cemetery Tour.
People visit the cemetery for various reasons. For some, visiting a town’s cemetery is the first stop they make. Some are interested in headstone architecture, some are interested in epitaphs. A cemetery can tell you a lot about a town, but not everything.There are heros, villans, common folk and characters buried there. Their stories, both happy and sad, are brought to life as we visit their final resting places.

3. Custom Tour.
I realize that not everyone’s tastes are the same. Tours tailored to each individual or group of individuals are much more appealing when you get to see and hear only those things you are interested in. You may write to me and collaborate on how your time touring Julian will be spent.

Suggestions of things to see as part of a custom tour:

Julian Pioneer Museum
Julian has perhaps has one of the best little museums you might ever visit. Cluttered, might be one way to describe it, but the Julian Pioneer Museum should not be missed. Of course there is an extensive array of mining paraphernalia. Pictures of the pioneers peer from every corner of every room. It has what is described as one of the best lace collections this side of the Mississippi. At eye level and from above, mounted animals, representing species to be found in Julian, are everywhere. Housed in the restored walls of the Treshil blacksmith shop, the Julian Pioneer Museum is the flagship of Julian history.

Washington Mine
Now owned by the Julian Historical Society, the Washington was the first producing mine following the discovery of gold in Coleman Creek. The mine is located on “Gold Hill” north of town. Once there you will see a variety of mining equipment which is housed adjacent to and below the mine entrance. If you are feeling frisky, a walk to the top of the claim offers a spectacular view of the town site and surrounding area.

Eagle-Highpeak Mine
Offers daily tours through the historic gold mine. A rare opportunity for both young and old visitors.

African American History
It may surprise some to learn that Julian once was home to an important African American community. African American, Fred Coleman, discovered the gold that began the rush to Julian in 1870. Albert and Margaret Robinson built and ran the Hotel Robinson, frequented by many prominent citizens of the time. America Newton, a black washer woman who homesteaded 80 acres west of town, became a local celebrity and a stretch of road leading to town has been known ever since as America Grade. I believe that I have gathered the most extensive collection of knowledge anyone has regarding the African American history of Julian. Beginning as co-chairperson of the 2005 Julian Black History celebration, I have been sharing Julian’s African American history with young and old alike.