To book a tour, or ask more specific questions about my tours, please email me at:

It works like this:

In your email, include the specific questions you wish to address. Include a phone number where you might be contacted. If your questions can be addressed with a simple email, I will do that. If I feel we need to talk by phone, I will call you. I will answer each email as soon as possible. Sometimes I am in a location where I have no communication with the outside world, so it may be a day before I get back to you.

Since these are personal tours, please contact me well in advance of the time you wish to visit Julian. Sometimes, but don’t count on it, I can accommodate a standard tour on very short notice.

Once we have settled on the details of your tour, I will instruct you on how to purchase your tour. Once I make reservations for your tour, I start planning my schedule around it. That means that any cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the tour time is non-refundable.*




*Sorry, but any time I am not scheduled to work comes out of my grocery budget. I understand that family emergencies and such do happen, so I will consider exceptions.