“Eighteen sixty-nine would be the keystone year in the history of Julian. It brought forth a confluence of events that would have the town of Julian spring up almost overnight. Fred Coleman had already settled in the area by the time Drury, Frank, James, Mike and Webb made their way from John Horrell’s place at the foot of Volcan Mountain to a meadow that would become the town of Julian. Legend tells us that Fred Coleman had stopped to water his horse along a creek. While there, Fred looked down into the sands of what would later be called Coleman Creek and discovered placer gold…
The discovery of the Washington Mine was the beginning of the real gold boom, and folks came rushing from all parts to stake their claims. Drury Bailey seemed to be standing at that spot where all of the stars aligned, and destiny took its course with Drury at the helm. Drury homesteaded about 160 acres of land that he divided into the town site of Julian, named after his cousin Mike Julian.”

An excerpt from, Last Known Address.



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